JMP's Five Steps to God   copyright 2014   Joseph Michael Paul

1. Stranger - Does not know God but will receive the least of His disciples.   Matthew 10: 40-42

2. Acquaintance - Belief in God and in the power of  prayer.  An initial commitment to his plan
    for creation and his plan of salvation.  John 3: 16

3. Good Neighbor - Much obedience to the Gospel.  A faithful servant's heart.  Some reluctance
    to see ourselves the way God sees us.  Some of his Word ends up in thorny soil.  Caught up
    with the anxieties of life. Matthew 6: 25-34

4. Team Member - Called and equipped.  Doing the  work of the Lord as a lay minister,
    ordained, or one living the consecrated life.   Placing all of one's sins before the cross daily.
    Matthew 10: 7

5. Partner - Spousal to the Holy Spirit.  Perfectly aware of God's intentions and flawless
    execution of God's will.   John 2: 5