JMP's Five Steps of Discernment                              copyright 2014  Joseph Michael Paul

1.  In a place or a condition of high quality prayer, the Living God speaks to your heart. The worship focuses on Jesus as Savior.  There are periods of praise and times of silence.   Enough time is spent in stillness before the Lord so that you have definitely indicated that you are listening to God.   Genesis 2: 16-17

2.  You ask the Lord for confirmations.  Specific scriptural passages speak to you in a powerful way. Unbiased Christians make comments which burn within your heart.  The teachings of ordained pastors and preachers strongly cements what the Lord has already revealed to you.    Genesis 24: 12-14

3.  Satan and the kingdom of hell provide many false versions of God's will for your life.   If you get bogged down in this step, then you return to your place of high quality prayer in Step 1 and start over again.  
Matthew 12: 43-45

4.  Blessing, anointing, healing, grace and divine protection  become evident as you step out in faith and do the Lord's will. Not all are protected from physical harm, but it is obvious that we are spiritually protected from the powers of hell.  We find our peace and can focus adequately to complete our mission.   If this work is of the Lord, then it cannot be defeated.  Acts 5: 39

5.  The abundant glorious presence of the Blessed Trinity enables an obedient servant to live a Biblical life regardless of one's individual circumstances. It is now actually easier to live out St. Paul's definition of divinely inspired love in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.   Additionally, it is far easier to follow the commandments of Jesus in Matthew Chapters 5-7.  The Lord's Glory makes is possible to obey with greater reliabilty and greater intensity the entire New Testament and the Old Testament as anchored into the New Testament.

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